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Listen back to Inside The Lab with Jaqee Nakiri

We are incredibly proud to let you all dive into Jaqee Nakiri’s world of music, exploring the sonic landscape of Uganda through field recordings, and discovering her musical influences along her journey. This will be followed by a live acoustic set from the artist herself. We were lucky enough to be able to record our live session, and you can watch it on Youtube here.

When we asked Jaqee about her future plans, she talked about the importance of community, sisterhood and empowering the next generation of black women. A truly inspirational person and a treasured member of the OML crew. You can listen back to the radio show on the Refuge Worldwide here or on Soundcloud here

Jaqee Nakiri, is a Uganda-born, Berlin-based singer, who released 5 albums under the name Jaqee. Her passion for music started when she was growing up in Uganda, inspired by the many different rhythms from the country and gospel singing in churches. Describing herself as a “musical chameleon”, Jaqee’s music does not fit into one specific genre. Instead, she likes to explore and keep on finding inspiration along her way. Each of her albums is different, revealing a new aspect of her artistry.

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to this radio show.

Jaqee Nakiri - vocals

Ntiomo - drums

Mauro Pandolfino - guitar

Ales Ireeta - field recordings from Uganda

Ben Osborn & Keisuke - audio Editors

Gaby D'Annunzio & Ophélie Kauffmann - production & coordination

Bethania Medina - videographer


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