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OML Presents: Cascade

OML presents the last compilation of 2022 featuring some of the collective's valued artists: Cascade. From an ode to queer rave culture, to a spontaneous jam session, or a groovy, hypnotic techno track, Cascade is a testament to the diversity of our community — each with their own story and lived experience that expresses itself in their music.

Born from our first-ever collaboration with Native Instruments, the release features artists from our 5-month Advanced Music Production and Artistic Development program. Joining forces with industry professionals from Native Instruments, the artists on Cascade were able to receive support during production, and guidance on career development and enhancing their performance skills to take their music to the next level.

The result of this course is a deeply personal compilation, channeling a range of emotions and touching upon intimate feelings, such as depression (“Limbo”), pain and heartbreak (“Alligator”, “flames 2 dust”, “some days life is just hard”), hope in the face of adversity (“HOPE”), or the need to be authentic and putting yourself first (“4Me”). We also find an ode to queer rave culture (“Time Melts Away”), a spontaneous jam session (“skrelly boom”), and a groovy and hypnotic techno track (“NADA-R”) dedicated to early mornings after a rave or before work.

As is usual on OML’s releases, Cascade draws from a very wide range of electronic genres, produced by both longtime community members, some of which have already released on the label,as well as newcomers to the community.


1. Acidfinky - Limbo

2. Hranrad - Alligator

3. King Sleepy - 4 Me

4. Laguna Park II - flames 2 dust

5. MINQ - Time Melts Away

6. Panasiagirl - some days life is just hard

7. RealMo - HOPE

8. Vata Morgana - skrelly boom



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