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Refuge Partnership

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

A collaboration between communities sharing the same values

Refuge started in 2015 as a community working in solidarity with grassroots and non-profit organisations across Berlin. Sharing similar values and both wanting to give a platform to marginalised voices, Refuge and OML have been supporting each other since they both started. We are thankful for the many collaborations and support that Refuge provided us throughout the years, working together on events such as Tag der Clubkultur or Soli Street Food Festival at Klunkerkranich.

In 2021, Refuge launched Refuge Worldwide Radio, a radio aiming at amplifying the music and issues that are close to their heart. We are delighted to be official partners with Refuge Worldwide with two exciting collaboration projects coming up. The first will be the Radio Workshop Series (link to the Radio Workshop Series page) and the second will be the Music Production & Artistic Development (link to the program page).


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