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Apply now for the Open Music Lab Creative Podcasting Programme!

After harvesting a successful programme in radio production last year, Open Music Lab is excited to announce another partnership with Today at Apple and Refuge Worldwide, through which we will bring a 3-week Podcast Workshop Series. The course will be running from May 15th - 30th with classes on Monday and Tuesday each week. The month of June will then be dedicated to team work for putting together your podcast.

We are calling aspiring podcast hosts, producers and researchers to hop on this journey of crafting and producing true and wholehearted stories. Through the course, you will be mentored by and work with industry experts and Open Music Lab community mentors on topics of storytelling, interviewing, hosting, recording, production and promotion. Expect hands-on experience, ongoing support for your ideas, and lasting connections via our extensive network of creatives!

Find more information and submit your application by April 25, 2023 through the following form:


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