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Learn how to make a Beat with Logic Pro for iPad

Logic Pro for iPad: Recording, Sampling and Beatmaking on the move Imagine being able to produce your next track in a waiting room, on a bus, at a train station, in the park, or wherever you find yourself. Harness the unique sound qualities of whatever space you find yourself in, take inspiration from the sounds you discover to sample and compose with, and create music that harmonizes with the world around you. This 90-minute session will give you a chance to experiment with the production possibilities of Logic Pro on an iPad, getting hands-on with expressive software instruments and discover how to transform any audio sample into a sound that you can perform with just a finger using Sample Alchemy.

Whatever your style of production or whatever tools you use, this session is a great opportunity to discover a unique workflow and set of creative possibilities.

This free session is taught by a Creative Pro from Today At Apple and hosted by Open Music Lab and Refuge Worldwide. iPads and headphones will be provided. The session will take place at Orchestral Tools at Riverside Studios, on Tuesday 26th of September, 6pm-7:30pm. After the workshop there’ll be a short feedback session. The workshop is free but spaces are limited, so we kindly ask that you fill out this short application form to secure your spot:

Please note this workshop is intended for people with some experience of producing or composing music with software.


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