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OML Presents: Diffraction

Open Music Lab presents a new compilation of original material from its diverse community of up-and-coming music producers: Diffraction. Drawing from a dazzling range of electronic genres, driven by a spirit of collaboration, Diffraction captures the potential of an artist community looking fearlessly beyond the mainstream.

The name Diffraction — is a scientific term for the way light or sound waves split and scatter, expanding their range—a perfect metaphor for what transpired at the end of OML’s eight-month Production and Artistic Development programme. Each of these creators took on a series of intensive educational workshops, with the aim of developing their own practice and musical identity. Collaboration was the cornerstone of these workshops, be it with other producers, seasoned industry professionals teaching the course, or their fellow students. With an endless array of fresh perspectives available to them, each producer hit a new level of creative vision. The result is this unique and inspired compilation.

On Diffraction, the artists showcase their individuality, channelling their cultural backgrounds, personal identities and lived experience. The tracks move through many moods and soundscapes, reflecting the journeys of their creators. From ambient slow-burners like SALA’s “What Are You Afraid Of”, to Gamelan-infused poetry from Panasiagirl, Thea’s minimal stomper “Ponderance”, Brasilian-inspired club from King Sleepy, and Palestinian techno from YA Z AN, Diffraction culminates with a euphoric drag anthem that's dying to be lip-synced.

Diffraction embodies the core values of OML: creating a tight-knit community of artists who embark on a creative journey together, sharing knowledge and expertise, and uplifting and encouraging each other on the way, ultimately giving back to the scene as a whole.


1. SALA - What Are You Afraid Of

2. Panasiagirl - Journey Waiting

3. RealMo - 45 min

4. Juba - Show Dem Fire

5. King Sleepy - teofilotronic

6. Mabenge - Affirmation number one

7. Hami Mehr feat. Ben Osborn - Mademia

8. Thea - Ponderance

9. Laguna Park II - Esotropia

10. YA Z AN - Taradod

11. Bonus Track - PURRJA - BEAUTY IS PAIN


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